Services & Pricing

Photo Courtesy of Appalachian Bicycle Institute

Hello everyone! My name is Scott M. Helfrich, and I am the owner operator of Helfrich Bicycles here in Lancaster County, PA (specifically located in Mountville). I started this as a part-time business in October 2021 due to my love of bicycling and desire to help others fully enjoy riding their bicycles with their family and friends. My goal is to bring joy to families and couples through bicycle repair.

I am proud to have a home-based, bicycle repair shop here in the Lancaster, PA area. My focus is repairing bicycles that most individuals and families own. While many shops cater to elite road and mountain bike cyclists, there needs to be more economical and family-friendly, bicycle repair services available. I can offer inexpensive, bike repair services because I do not have to pay a staff (i.e., I am my own senior mechanic), I have no need for a brick-and-mortar storefront, nor do I have to maintain a large inventory like many shops are required to by their corporate bicycle supplier. Also, I do not have to worry about volume or speed to stay in business. I prefer to give every bike the love and respect it deserves so it in turn treats you well.

*Please note: I do not currently repair e-bikes nor electronic shifting systems.

Here are some of the service features I offer my clients:

  • Bicycle pick up and delivery is free within a 10-mile radius from my shop (e.g., Lancaster, Marietta, Pequea, Willow Street, Wrightsville, etc.)
  • Flexible scheduling, including evenings and weekends
  • Emergency repair service for local trail breakdowns (e.g., Enola Low Grade, Warwick to Ephrata Rail Trail, Northwest Lancaster Country River Trail, and York Heritage Trail).
  • Free advice, education, and suggestions so you can enjoy your bicycling experience in a safe and economical manner
  • Pricing based upon the project / repair and not the time involved
  • Electronic payments can be taken via PayPal and Venmo.
  • Check and cash are also accepted.
Free pick-up and return service area

Most common repairs and services:

  • Pro Bicycle Service: $125.00 + any parts needed
    • Tune Up (Derailleurs, Brakes, and Adjustments)
    • Shifting & Brake Cables & Housing Replacement (cables and housings included)
    • Wheel Truing & Hub Bearing Adjustments
    • Frame, Drivetrain, and Wheels Cleaning
    • Basic Rust Removal (non-rebuild)
  • Annual Bicycle Service: $95.00 + any parts needed
    • Tune Up (Derailleur, Brakes, and Adjustments)
    • Shifting & Brake Cables & Housings Replacement (cables and housings included)
    • Frame, Drivetrain, and Wheels Wipe Down
  • Basic Bicycle Service: $65.00 + any parts needed
    • Basic Tune Up (Derailleur, Brakes, and Adjustments)
    • Frame, Drivetrain, and Wheels Wipe Down
  • Diagnostic Fee: $35.00 per bicycle. This is waived if repair work is scheduled.
  • Basic rust removal: $20.00
  • Tube replacement: $10.00 + tube
  • Wheel truing (each wheel): $15.00
  • Restoration: Quoted per project. 50% of quote due at time work is scheduled.
  • Other services will be quoted.
  • Please note: I do not repair e-bikes (even if the battery is removed) or electronic shifting at this time.